The GOSHI project is an ideal concept, made by you, me, everybody else... the plants, the living creatures, all together connected by the quantum field energy all the time, everywhere, anywhere. The name was first concepted written as GOshi, a mix of two words that can explain alot about us.

GO is the power, the understanding, the scientific know-how, the action that moves all things in the multiverse and has a forward proposal that integrates all the doers, the people, the friends and who ever once crossed our path.

SHI is the right-fine appropriate word from the Asian Earthers, bringing the love, the all kind believers, the community that want produce a kind of human paradise syncing in a perfect harmony.

GO & SHI are finally united becoming just one: WE ARE GOSHI

Music & Creativity

Arts & Science

Made for humans

In the beginning there was GOSHI and GOSHI had a groove and from this groove came the grooves of all grooves, the groove of a dream, freed for desire, carfully slow planned-built along almost a decade for only one propouse: back once again for the Renegade Master, powers in the people!

United into one objective: create free curated all-arts-kind.

When good people join in a common matter, impossible things are in range; from that intangible energy and a "Let's do it now" the experience and know-how of two enbrionary doers go to work, join forces for the music, inspired by Arts, Fashion, Science and guided with the believe of GO!

Is the real Alice, with a wonderland for your imagination and inspiration. She was born to create, and that’s a fact. Raised in fashion, growth in music and a setter in life. Creative in deep hurt and blood. With eyes always focused on captions trends and understanding what is important for the digitally future. (with a luck the better inspiration in your side since 2015)

Ti-Ti is an weird-alien-mothafucker-data-scientist-art-philosopher-geek-nerd music enthusiast kind of energy living being. Thinks like a human robot - with full emotions, trying really hard to nicely mindfuck humans emotions, spacetime perceptions and expand others feelings experiences on his Gigs, some otherwise not even noticeable... and love gym tonic.

And from that, it begins our journey, in a ever grow multi-arts branchs getting new friends everyday. GOSHI LIVE is open to everybody. Multicultural clan made of people all over the world. Researchers,, creative artists, designers, scientists, developers, strategists, copywriters, photographers, musicians, fashion people... it's just missing you! Let's create a free and and still authored licenced - support your arts comunnity - quality content for everyone.

My name is GOSHI LIVE, but everybody calls me GOSHI!

Arts & Creativity

running throught music experiences